Writing Makes Sense for Those Who Have Sense and Sensibility

Posted by Dheeraj

True writers, i.e. vocational or career writers, need to write. They write for the art, the craft and the purpose of expressing their innermost thoughts, philosophies, ideas and imaginations. And along the way, almost all good writers have a sense of contentment and joy about what they written.

Writing begins simply with the first words and sentence. It can be the start of something great and magnificent or just a simple expression that flows like a gentle stream. A good or a great story about whatever can go on and on and build, grow, and develop time and time again with fascinating ideas, images, and emotional impacts, Or, the writer's story may be a very simple, brief and meaningful encounter between a writer and a reader - that's all it really takes.

Good and Excellent Writing - What is It?

Good writing makes sense to the reader in one way or another. Ultimately good writing usually affects and impacts us intellectually and sometimes emotionally. We remember and we forget many things, but good writing almost always leaves the reader with an imprint of some significance. It was Thomas Merton who wrote in his very thoughtful book "Seeds of Contemplation" that in a person's life we see what resembles a field upon which these invisible seeds (ideas and concepts) from around and above have come upon and settled. Some of these seeds land and germinate quickly, while others linger and remain quiet only to sprout and take root and have life at a later time. That imagery provided some insights into the life of a contemplative monk and although I found much of that book and writing difficult and beyond my full understanding at the time, that one image has remained with me decades after my first reading. That's what good writing does - it sticks with us and it impacts us.

Few Words or Many Words Don't Matter as Much as the Ideas

Some of the best writing is short and abbreviated writing, whether it be that of Edgar A. Poe, O'Henry, Saki or Joseph Conrad to name a few. These are examples of writers who produce solid and lasting stories with Ideas which impact us as readers. There are of course those longer versions of writing such as "War and Peace", "Hawaii" or the historical review and fascinating story of intrigue and scientific adventure and discovery in Watson's "The Double Helix". Each one of these lets us know that humanity is one great adventure with stories encased within other stories.

So, then, where do we begin and when do we begin is a question that is asked. The answers are simple - we begin now on a simple, blank piece of paper or within the confines of a word processor embedded within a computer.

Let the writing begin and let good writing beget more good writing - now and always. Think well and write well and may you have good sense and sensibility along all your writing paths.