Using Social Media to Help Your SEO Strategy

Posted by Kira Lauber

There has been much debate recently over the extent to which Google relies on social signals in order to determine ranking. Theories continue to circulate about the significance of using different social media platforms to boost rankings. Although experts believe there is no direct link to simply creating social signals and ranking, Google and Bing suggest that these factors are taken into account along with a range of other signals. Following the Penguin update, certain signals that may have previously determined rankings, such as high numbers of links regardless of quality and exact match anchor text, have been replaced. It seems sensible to assume that other factors have been put in place to determine link quality and therefore, rankings for queries.

Make it Shareable & Linkable

Any pages that you make shareable through social media channels will help it to naturally acquire links by interested users. The more relevant, high quality and natural links to your pages will help it rank in the search engines. As a result, it is important to implement social sharing buttons within your site to enable visitors to share content they deem link worthy. Additionally, it is worth thinking about the kind of content you share on social media platforms. The more useful and digestible it is, the better chance you have of it being great linkable content.

Broaden Your Social Horizons

Do a little research into the most popular social platforms used by your target market and tackle those first. Engage with prospective customers and increase your brand awareness with regular posts that are of benefit to your followers. Use Facebook Fan pages and Twitter posts to talk about your brand. Posts on these social networks are indexed by Google and will help your pages to be found in the search results.

Get Your Article Re-tweeted

Whilst Google indicates that the number of social shares does not directly impact rankings, links re-tweeted and referenced across different platforms will be used as a signal in organic and news rankings. It is likely that these kind of posts will also have acquired follow links naturally which is also used as a signal for rankings.

Become a Social Authority

Both Google and Bing take into account Author Quality. Authority of social media users is calculated on a number of factors. This is most likely a combination of a number of factors. As a result, it is necessary to use your social media platforms in a way that shows you are at the top of your game. Become an authority within your niche by posting content that you have researched and discovered yourself. Make it newsworthy and relevant to your industry and ensure you are always one step ahead of your competitors. That way, you are more likely to gain a following on social networks where your target market is searching for the latest information and news that is relevant to them.

Have Industry Influencers Reference It

Links posted by social users Google deem authoritative can carry more weight in the rankings. Depending on the authority of the people who have tweeted it, you may find that key industry influencers can help boost your rankings for that page.

This post was written by Kira Lauber, who works for Vancouver SEO agency. Follow them on Twitter for more SEO tips that will help your business grow online.